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Prosecco Suites is a marvellous reality facing the hills of the north-most section of the Marca trevigiana, roughly one hour away from Venice, north of the Treviso province, not to far from the impressive sight of the great Dolomiti venete that take to Cortina D'Ampezzo. A new environmental scenery, suggestive and characterized by strong typical features, alternating steep slopes and gentle bends, always surrounded by the great net of vineyards. 

The hills of the "Superior DOCG" along the Prosecco Road and the Wine of the Hills Conegliano Valdobbiadene are the oldest oenological arteries of the country. In these lands, everything has the scent of wine and the superb tastes of a culture that has had a strong impact on the scenery and the lifestyle of the people that have lived to see the wine industry grow. It's a territory rich in charm, landmarks that are both history and art related, in surprises and new suggestions, antique castles, mansions that once belonged to the aristocracy, remote monuments, sacred buildings and tiny villages.

Conegliano, Treviso, Vittorio Veneto, Valdobbiadene, each represent a little chest of natural, artistic and architectural treasures to discover knowing how to recognize the rhythms of a territory of well-being that can still keep the pace with men and nature. In the meantime, all around, the grapevines wait with centuries-old patience to meet with the sun and stare at the season, the colours and the tastes changing before them.

The sweetness and beauty of these lands have been witnessed also by the great artist Gian Battista Cima, born and raised in the town of Conegliano that put the scenery surrounding his home town on canvas creating masterpieces.

Prosecco Suites

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