Strada del Prosecco

Tours – The Prosecco Road

The ideal trip to research the origins of the wine Prosecco Superiore starts from Conegliano, where our imaginary path then passes through the hills characterized by the vineyards that offer breath taking landscapes, new points of view on the little villages and the old farming mansions. From the smooth hills of the bottom of the valley, the scenario slowly changes to become more steep and rough in the Valdobbiadene area, place in which agriculture manifests itself as an act of heroism.

The small town of Conegliano, looked over by the medieval castle, offers a modern centre that grew around the old town that is now preserved in order to fully display the beauty of the renaissance palaces that characterize the once-so-called Contrada Granda (today Via XX Settembre) with their painted walls. In the road that once was home to all of the wealthy noble families of the area, can now be found the Dome with the Pala del Cima and the adjacent Sala dei Battuti, both close to the painted facade of the Best Western Hotel Canon D'Oro, former Monte di Pietà. Moreover, in Conegliano there is the famous oenological School, founded in 1876 and the first centre for wine research in Italy.

Moving on to the next stop on the tour we will find San Pietro di Feletto that represents one of the central towns of the area and covers a very extended territory that includes many smaller villages such as l'Eremo di Rua di Feletto, from which one can admire the landscape of the valley, characterized by smooth bends, vineyards, woods of chestnut trees and the antique Pieve painted that dates back to the VII century and offers a 360 degrees view on the surroundings, up to the steep hills of the Valdobbiadene area.

The landscape in Valdobbiadene is all about a true explosion of vineyards that extend in every direction as far as the eye can see, extension that is only interrupted by some small towns. Here we will find the Cartizze, the arrival of our trip, place in which the oenological vocation reaches its highest point of expression.

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