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The Prosecco Suites
is characterized by its elegant and classy atmosphere, a modern and informal touch, by warmth and charm, clean and clear shades, a particular attention for lights and colours and furniture that were inspired by the latest design trends.

A whole new concept of Bed and Breakfast, thought to create a stay that is customized basing on the needs of each guest and ideal for those who want to leave the daily affairs behind and switch from business to relax. A building that assures privacy, it's bright and furnished with a close and aware eye; a unique environment for the cure of the details, elegance, privacy, quietness and high quality of the services offered along with the wealth of the territory in which the bed&breakfast is located that is ideal for relaxation and experiencing the taste of a different vacation.

Prosecco Suites is on the hill that looks over the Castle of Conegliano (precisely in the Costa whereabouts) along the road of the Prosecco wine that takes to Valdobbiadene, overlooking an amazing panoramic terrace of vineyeard and olive tree groves with its intense colours and delicate sounds. It benefits from a great and reserved position, open spaces and a relaxing view.

It is the ideal start point for excursions, bike trips, trekking, planned tours, golf and much else. There are also many eno-gastronomic routes that can be followed from here.

Hospitality and charm will be the recurring characteristics of your stay!

Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    Prosecco Suites

    Surrounded by nature, submerged in the green, facing the Prosecco vineyards, thought with services for the travelling guests in a quiet natural background. The open spaces will allow you to appreciate your stay as if you were at home as you will enjoy sensations of freedom, intimacy, harmony and relaxation.

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    In the morning you will be awaken by the light of the sun, the fresh air and the colours and sounds of the surrounding country side. The Italian breakfast is set so that the guests can serve themselves in the great and bright spaces of the modern breakfast hall in order to provide you with a total feeling of comfort and freedom to schedule your own breakfast.

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    The great balcony is the ideal window to fully appreciate the beauty and sweetness of the countryside that surrounds the bed and breakfast. In the summer-like garden created with plants and flowers that help you enjoy the calm feeling provided by sun and air, one can give themselves a treat relaxing on the sunchairs during the day or stop to admire the colours of the sunset.

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    Relax area

    A regenerating and seductive environment, spacious and intimate, the really special relax area dedicates a space and a time to body and soul.
    The infrared sauna is a welcoming comfort along with the unique pleasure of the Jacuzzi bathtub and the delicate atmosphere of the game of lights, the cromoterapy. A peculiar idea of a place where one can spend some time relaxing wrapped in a personal feeling of harmony and quietness.

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    Business area

    Prosecco Suites offers spaces thought for business activities, the benefits of the wi-fi technology and the availability for small meetings and work sessions.

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